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Posted by Syaiful Bahri on Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vintage Theme Wedding Flowers

A popular theme for weddings at the moment is time. With so many of us feel the effect of the "credit crunch" of having a vintage theme wedding can be both stylish and a great money saver. Here are some ideas for flowers and wedding decorations that will suit the theme.

Most popular old colors of wedding flowers are lilac, pink and white. This can give a lovely subtle tone to your decorations. Good choice of flowers include hydrangeas, lisianthus, roses, stocks and freesias. These may be used alone or in combination with each other.

Flowers that you should avoid include anything with bright colors like orange and red. While I love tropical heliconia and Paradise, they simply have not a vintage wedding theme.

For an authentic vintage look for your arrangements, think that the containers, they will be put in. You can get miniature urns that are ideal for reception centers put in. You can also buy "distress" containers that have a French country garden look to them.

There has recently been a growing tendency to have a cage as a centerpiece. This can then be decorated on the outside with flowers. The interior can also be filled with roses or rose petals.

If you want a more romantic to your reception, you can opt for antique candelabras or candlesticks. These can give a beautiful light and atmosphere of the evening. One of the advantages of having a vintage wedding is that if all containers is not - it does not really matter.

Vintage bridal bouquets should be a natural for them. Posy styles are very popular among brides with this theme. You can also spend some time looking through vintage photographs of brides, to get ideas on what style of bouquet used to be used.

Once you have decided on your flowers, you can finish the wedding decorations with items that coordinate with the colors. For example, you can make bunting or hand paths reception table. These can be the perfect finishing touch for a vintage wedding and they are not expensive.

Garden Roses As the Central Flower for Your Vintage Wedding

If you plan to style your upcoming wedding in style with vintage fashion, you may want to consider using garden roses for your bouquets and centerpieces. In ancient times, a vintage style wedding used to mean that you wanted to wear the dress of your mother `s former marriage, but today vintage experienced a rebirth and now means having a green wedding can be elegant antique be in a historic location. This article will discuss how to incorporate roses as the focal flower to accent your wedding with vintage style.

There are 3 main types of roses spray roses, pink roses and traditional garden. Rose the most common is usually displayed in weddings and romantic occasions is the classic pink. This rose has a beautiful head displayed at the end of a thorny stem. Roses are pink spray that resemble miniature roses mini-classics, but they have several flowers on the same stem. Regarding the roses in the garden, they are large, open bloom roses that look disheveled.

Like the look of peonies but are getting married in July? Resemble peonies garden roses, but are only available for a few weeks in May. Both fragrant flowers have a sweet romantic vintage look but the rose is available throughout the year. So if you marry timeless peony season, this rose can be the ideal flower for your wedding.

These roses are available in several colors such as pink, light pink, peach, yellow, white, red, and purple. Although they are more expensive than the traditional classic pink, antique look, open heads and delicious flavor is incomparable to create the timeless look that you are after when developing a style of vintage wedding. These flowers have a new look in the garden with full heads open and swirling petals. They can be used in traditional, easy to hand-tied bouquets or you can combine them with other vintage looking flowers in mixed bouquets and arrangements.

Your vintage wedding is held in a historic building, a barn in a field or yard of your family, the rose will collect your classic look. Combine garden roses with ranunculus, sweet peas, hydrangeas and anemones for a great vintage inspired floral. For your centerpieces, use mason jars or old fashioned glass cubes to display these fresh garden flowers in bouquets natural looking. Hanging flowers in a chandelier is another idea of the indoor garden for your wedding. Using old fashioned windows to display your table plan, with twine for tying favors, old fashioned books that seek to enhance your menu, cake stands, vintage lace accents or other family heirlooms are other ideas that bring your vintage look together.

Vintage Inspired Wedding Flowers

Nothing is more romantic than flowers. For some of the most beautiful wedding flowers ideas, take your cue from the past. Read on for advice on the most beautiful wedding flowers vintage inspired.

The Victorian era is one of the best places to turn inspiration when it comes to flowers. The flowers were so important in Victorian culture that they even had their own secret language. Some meanings of flowers may be familiar, such as red roses for romance. However, it is literally a special message behind every single type of flower, and even some herbs (rosemary stands for memory). Choose flowers that have romantic feelings would be an excellent place to start with your wedding bouquets and centerpieces.

Another thing that will give your flowers a vintage look is how they are displayed. Lush bouquets of roses, hydrangeas, lamb's ears and other beautiful flowers and greens look beautiful when they are willing to run down the sides of a large silver vase. It is a fantastic style for a more formal wedding, and you can do a wide range of colors, from pink to purple to gold.

Nothing better than going directly to the source, you can also use real ships time to hold your wedding preparations. Gather a collection of vases or pitchers from flea markets and antique shops to take your mistresses. You can choose a basic theme to tie together, like glass white hobnail pitchers or floral motifs. This will allow your tables to look unified, yet each is unique.

Of course, it is not necessary to use actual vintage pieces to achieve an old-fashioned elegance with your wedding flowers. Marriage while white was popularized in the Victorian era, and it is still very attractive. A marriage with a purity and a timelessness about it that makes it beautiful at any time. Especially as bolder colors have become the norm in weddings, keeping all white palette will make your wedding feel like it could take place at a time in the past.

For a white wedding vintage inspired, the key is to keep all the other colors are very soft and feminine. Certainly, the bride will wear white for your bridesmaids you might consider them to wear pink or champagne colored dress with pearl bridesmaid jewelry and white bouquets. If you like the style of the 1950s, your bridesmaids can wear strapless evening dresses with their pearl bridesmaid jewelry and gardenias in their bouquets. After all, vintage does not mean the Victorian era.

There are many other epochs from which to take inspiration for your flowers. Brides of the 1920s favored large developed bouquets filled with white flowers like orchids, and masses of green leakage and ribbons. To reproduce the flavor of 1940s glamor, wear and sophisticated elegant flowers such as calla lilies. Whatever strikes your fancy then you will be able to find many great old photos online that show the dominant trends in wedding flowers at this time. The integration time master of inspiration and bouquets in your wedding is a great way to give a singular grace and timeless.

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Vintage Wedding Flowers
Vintage Wedding Flowers

Vintage Wedding Flowers
Vintage Wedding Flowers

Vintage Wedding Flowers
Vintage Wedding Flowers

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