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Posted by Syaiful Bahri on Saturday, July 16, 2011

I think we have to find a flower to match your wedding colors? If so, this article will help you find the perfect flowers to adjust the colors of your wedding. To become brides, many flowers would have to use them to suit their theme. Navy to use your theme to match the flower, blue ice theme, the theme of bright colors and pink and chocolate brown theme, you have? How do you make your own flowers, if you prefer to terminate them at a florist's, this article tries to decide whether to answer these questions and more.

Before entering the flowers to match the color of the individual to choose the color of the wedding I just want to give you some tips. Color you choose, please make sure to go with the color of your reception hall. For example, if all the orange chair in your wedding, perhaps, had chosen the theme of bright flowers for my wedding ... More and rent chairs are pastel colors and vintage to be able to choose a theme, covers everything so white and pure again. Usually, the wedding colors and flowers, as it should, to reveal the personality of the bride. As you have selected your color, please keep this in mind.

Perfect Blue Wedding FlowersPerfect Blue Wedding Flowers

Your wedding colors will be displayed where? Of course your dress and flowers, plus linens, tablecloths you in your overlay. You are rose petals, if you use such as leaves and confetti at the head table and guest tables, your colors will be introduced to the center plus an accent piece for you. If you are using a balloon, then they also should be color-coded, and other items that may be color-coded, your flower girl baskets, guest book and pen is the ring bearer pillow for you. I'm probably missing a few things, you get the idea ... your wedding colors are the people themselves and feel of your wedding and can make a big difference in the overall appearance In much enjoyed, and how it will affect your wedding probably draw. At your wedding. Click [OK], but maybe I'm just a little to promote it, I was puky dull green color in combination with bright red, has been to the wedding it was just horrible. That is all I think about the whole wedding ... but then again maybe it was just me ... I'm overly sensitive to the likely combination of colors!

Elegant Blue Wedding Flowers Elegant Blue Wedding Flowers

Anyway, stressing that more than enough to choose your color, here are some suggestions as how to find the flowers to match your wedding colors. The theme of navy blue, in order to create a vintage look properly, can be paired with other shades of blue and purple and silver. Flowers can be used for your hydrangea, delphinium, bachelor buttons, Larkspur, lisianthus, roses, dendrobium orchids dyed, daisies, and statice. My favorite is a combination of blue hydrangea accented with silver metallic ribbon and rose cream.

The theme of frosty winter-themed ice blue, silver, goes well with cream and white. Like a flower to match, white or cream roses, lilies, daisies and a combination of light blue hydrangea and lisianthus, light blue delphinium, please try the blue bachelor buttons. Dyed daisies or a bright blue Mothers get for your centerpieces, you can avoid the flowers close to what can be dyed any stains on dresses and suits like that.

Beauty White And Blue Wedding FlowersBeauty White And Blue Wedding Flowers

Chocolate brown and pink theme, it is possible with a lot of beautiful flowers. Pink flowers more clearly how, but some flowers are outstanding help with this part of the brown theme. Leonida roses, which have various shades of brown, brown pure roses can also be included in this theme. Brown hypericum berries are ideal for adding accents just brown and cream, surrounded by pink flowers. You are rose of cream, white hydrangea, lisianthus white, pink roses, gerbera and you can use the lily alstromeria. There are also a variety of Gerbera are now grown naturally brown. Substantia nigra is Gerbera this land is gorgeous and can be used in bouquets or centerpieces. Cream corsage and mini Gerbera hypericum berries and green accents would be lovely. More pink flowers to choose from: Peony (available in a short period of spring), tulips, freesia, heather, ranunculus, mini carnations, carnations, gerbera flowers and rice.

Tiffany Blue Wedding FlowersTiffany Blue Wedding Flowers

ThemeThis is fun and bright and colorful with many options. You have a tropical affair, it can include a gorgeous tropical flowers like orchids come in many different colors and such. Rose, of course, a theme to move any of the fun comes naturally in these colors: hot pink, bright orange and green of nature. In addition, a combination of red roses and wedding flowers for your wedding, you can go on yellow and orange. Other tropical beauty to be included, ginger, bird of paradise, and is a pincushion Protea heliconium. Daisy's mother is also bright yellow and lime green button, this colorful assortment of well-blended.
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Yellow Perennial Flowers, Shade Perennial Flowers, Purple Perennial Flowers, Perennial Flowers Pictures

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If you're starting your perennial flowers from seed, you should be aware that you are unlikely to grow any flower in its first year on. This is because all your energy to more flowering perennial plant roots and grow in the first year, but in the second year (and years) you can expect a beautiful display. If you do not think you have the patience to wait two years to complete flowers, consider planting some of their annual perennials so that you can have some color in your garden in the first year.

Purple Perennial FlowersPurple Perennial Flowers

You can also try using the link in your first year, in order to get your garden started in the fast few years. If you choose to use links, try to choose plants that flower only when they plant, since this is a good time to create them in your garden. The link to the stems and leaves to avoid pale or yellow.

Although starting a new garden can be a challenge, following some suggestions above, you should be on your way to creating a beautiful and long-term, perennial flower gardens.
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Flower Pictures, Japanese Flower, Japanese For Flower, Japanese Flower Arranging, Japanese Flower Art

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Flower arrangement, cut stems, leaves, and centuries-old Japanese art of flower arrangement in a container. Many technologies needed to place the flower stems and are taught in special classes in ikebana. 3 to 5 years of instruction, technical, these skills should be aesthetic.

Japanese For Flower ArtJapanese For Flower Art

Ikebana is nearly 700 years it has been actually developed several different styles. Among the most popular Tachibana (upright flower), Meiji Seika (living flowers), nageire and (mixed live upright) is. These styles are arranged in a tall vase. moribana style is (flower remote) is displayed in a shallow dish-shaped containers in general. Traditionally decorated with arrangements of ikebana alcove, a room in the home had been received by the guest. In the past century, flower arrangement as well as housing and personal entrance hall, is seen in the living room windows of the lobby and public and commercial buildings.

Japanese Flower ArrangingJapanese Flower Arranging

Flower selection is very important in flower arrangement. Typically, a single flower is chosen for the design, it should blend in harmony with the container. When choosing flowers, who must consider the season. Flower vase, the season must be compatible. Floral design and western flower that overlap each other, unlike the Japanese flower arrangements using the minimum amount of leaves needed to provide an elegant contours that highlight the simple beauty of the Flower stem.

Flower Pictures - Japanese Flower by EspertaFlower Pictures - Japanese Flower by Esperta

Ikebana is to move into the new century, Western influence can be seen in some schools. This style is called hanaisho. Have been used in several designs of flowers, there is no hierarchy is maintained around each flower for a balance between all elements of the arrangement of space. Regardless of what influence, the eastern view of an art form is at the core nature of design, simplicity and harmony, not always in vogue.

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