Purple Wedding Flowers For Bouquets and Centerpieces

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Purple Wedding Flowers For the Bride

If you've never considered purple flowers wedding for your wedding, it's time! Purple is a wonderful color for your wedding, if you prefer pale lavenders, brilliant violets, eggplant, plum or dark gray with just a hint of purple. There are all sorts of flowers available to suit any preference, and they can be used in almost any bouquet. Here is an overview of some of the best choices of purple flowers around:

Purple Roses

When you talk about romantic flowers, thoughts most people go on roses. They are among the wedding flowers the most popular and can be found in shades of violet lilac fresh bright purple. These purple roses are also among the most beautiful fragrant roses available. Mix and match roses to create attractive centers and bouquets. These purple wedding flowers really make you feel like you're getting the royal treatment.

Violet Lily

Calla lilies are another popular romantic flower, and they also come in purple. Choose miniature calla lilies in a shade of purple for mixed flower arrangements such as bouquets, centerpieces, and decorations. Lilies are a truly elegant addition to your wedding flowers.

Purple Tulips

Roses and lilies are not the only option, however - tulips are an excellent type of wedding flower that is available in all different shades of purple, including plum and a dark, almost black shade that's extremely sophisticated. Add it to wedding decor mostly white for a look that really stands out from the rest.


Ruffly old fashioned, purple sweetpeas are the ideal complement for a vintage-style wedding. They are cute and make a great bouquet on their own. For spring weddings or any other ceremony that needs a touch of sweetness, you can not go wrong with sweet peas.

Grape Hyacinth

Also called muscari, these flowers look a lot like running a group of grapes, and are an excellent choice for adding variety and texture to mixed flower arrangements, or to make wreaths for the flower girl. As sweetpeas, these flowers have a sweet taste, charm is perfect for spring ceremonies.


There are several very spectacular purple orchids like phalaenopsis orchid medium purple vanda orchids and dark, which feature white accents. Both do very well in centerpieces, and under a large bouquet spectacular, but may not be appropriate for male members of the party or for small arrangements.


Thoughts are among the most famous of purple flowers, and come in a range of attractive colors. They are a great casual wedding flower for spring, and can be used in all sorts of arrangements.


A sprig of lilac carries a wonderful scent, and a beautiful color. Despite their name, lilacs actually cover a range of purple shades, light, grayish tone that takes its name from the flower shades of blue, purple and even red-plum color. You might be surprised by the range of options lilac wedding flowers purple.

Purple Wedding Flowers For Bouquets and Centerpieces

One of the most beautiful colors of wedding flowers is purple. Ranging in tone from pale lilac to rich eggplant, purple can be right for a romantic wedding, a formal wedding, and even a country wedding. Here are some of the most beautiful purple flowers for wedding bouquets and centerpieces.

If you have a traditional wedding, purple roses are beautiful. One of the best ways to use them for bouquets is in a range of shades from lilac to medium purple. Silver accents like Lamb's ear add interest to rose bouquets with a cool lavender tone for a looser arrangement or opt for the classic tight nosegay in multiple shades of purple. You can wear this costume in your bridesmaid dresses by choosing light purple and giving them gifts jewelry bridesmaid deep amethyst colored crystals.

There are some gorgeous options for romantic purple wedding flowers. Big feet urns overflowing with lilacs, sweetpeas, and French tulips would be breathtaking for a garden wedding. For coordinating bouquets, omit the lilacs which will wilt out of water. Use a mixture of white and deep purple lilac sweetpeas with French tulips for the bride's bouquet, and the same floral varieties done entirely in shades of purples for the bridesmaids. These bouquets would make a wonderful complement to flowing soft chiffon dresses white - for the bride and lilac for the bridesmaid dresses, worn with delicate earrings crystal drop the gifts jewelry bridesmaid honor.

Centers for high and displays the ceremony, there are numerous purple flowers from which to choose. When you want to add height to an arrangement, tall stalks with multiples blossoms will get you the most for your money. Combine purple snapdragons, gladioli, and purple-blue delphinium to make impressive displays. The gladioli and snapdragons also come in lovely shades of pink and white which can be used as accents to the color purple signature. Around her with dark purple irises for a lovely effect.

Purple flowers are wonderful for creating a sophisticated or exotic style as well. A deep eggplant arm bouquet of calla lilies would be perfect with a slender elegant silk dress sheath. Another favorite wedding flower which comes in shades of purple is the orchid. Always dramatic, orchids can be found in every imaginable color purple, pale lilac from plum with spots of bright fuchsia. When you are looking for a sophisticated and vibrant flower for bridal bouquets, the orchid is ideal. Purple orchids also look fantastic for submerged flower centers for the reception.

Brides who like a wildflower style will find some lovely options in purple. The simplicity of lavender asters with purple mums and bachelor's buttons makes a great casual bouquet. These flowers work very well as a fall wedding decoration for couples who prefer to avoid oranges and reds fall classic. A great way to display these informal purple flowers is to create small arrangements using eggplants as the vessels instead of regular vases. Very simple and yet memorable. With so many ways to use them, it is no wonder that brides love purple wedding flowers.

Creating Beautiful Royal Purple Wedding Flowers

One of my friends chose to go with royal purple as the primary color for their wedding theme. So when it comes to various flowers that are in this particular color, I would recommend her petunias. The color of the lavender lilac flowers with silk tends to make an impressive combination of bridal bouquets.

It is very easy to grow flowers. You will need at least two months before the wedding day, the sun and an area where you can grow at least 30 of these planets. If you have your own plot of land, then this is not a bad idea, because when you're done, it can be quite rewarding, and much cheaper than hiring a florist to do the flower arrangements your name.

It's incredibly easy for you to plant these particular flowers in pots, you can then use to decorate the tables at your wedding reception.

For my friend's wedding, they were planted in metal buckets with a purple ribbon used to tie around the boiler for a beautiful effect. On white tablecloths they had a very dreamy look to them.

To obtain these particular flowers all ready to go for the wedding, to be held in July, I had to buy them in early spring, during a period when all the plants were in season plant store. From experience, I've found that the planets are purchased from reputable nurseries tend to do their best.

You can get petunias in a number of shades of royal purple roses. They are very attractive to look out, especially when they are grouped in bundles of three or more.

Small aluminum pails must be purchased from your local craft store that you can use to put flowers.

Because there were 25 tables of guests, 30 of them were necessary, and I wanted to buy a spare few that I would use on the main table. Or bucket had about 3 plants in them. So I had to buy a lot of petunias years. When the dead flowers were cut every three days, I found that the Pentium tended to grow more. It encourages them to produce more flowers. To get the desired look, it is also possible for you to cut a few branches here and there.

Make sure that the faded flowers are cut at the stem. This means that you should not remove them. This is because the potential clove remain behind if you use such measures untactful.

Romantic Purple Wedding Bouquets

 Violet became one of the most popular colors for weddings recently. The color is very versatile and comes in a beautiful range tonal range. Here are some ideas for the most romantic bouquets wedding purple.

Orchids are a symbol of luxury wedding, and they come in spectacular shades of purple. A long cascade bouquet of vivid purple orchids would be absolutely fabulous for a formal wedding. Orchids are so amazing that it would be best to create the bouquet using only that variety of flower to let them shine in all their glory. The only accent such impressive bouquet requires a wide satin ribbon with long streamers trailing down. It would be a beautiful bouquet purple for the entire season.

In spring, pale lilac and lavender tones are wonderful and fresh. A great idea is to add some small bluish-purple flowers muscari (grape hyacinth also called) to a mixed bouquet of tulips, lavender iris, mini roses and lilac spray. The combination of sizes, shades and textures will be very interesting bouquet. It would be so nice to have custom bridal jewelry created in a complementary range of purple tones to wear with a wedding dress in bright white organza.

Another very nice option for a purple bouquet is composed of roses and lisianthus. Both are flowers that are available year round, making them easy to work with. Pale lavender garden roses combined with white peonies and lilac colored lisianthus would make a beautiful bouquet for a spring garden wedding. A nice variation on this would be to replace the pea in several shades of purple to white peonies. If garden roses are too expensive or difficult to obtain for your wedding, choose a more standard hybrid rose variety and ask the florist to "bloom" flowers in hand, giving them the look of roses garden.

For an autumn wedding, consider incorporating purple flowers like asters into your bouquets. They are a great flower fairly informal, but the purple color will add a touch of romance to your big bouquet ceremony. Use purple asters in an unexpected way, as a revenge against the deep red roses. It would be a rich look for a bride with a beautiful autumn seasonal touch. To link the two contrasting colors together, wrap the stems with a red ribbon and purple plaid.

Summer brides can enjoy the look of a romantic purple hydrangea bouquet. To make the bouquet more romantic, elegant mix of white roses and sprays of purple Swarovski crystals. It would be a great way to coordinate with crystal jewelry custom wedding. A large round bouquet arrangement will depend on the very round shape hydrangeas beautifully. If you want to add a touch of old world charm to this bouquet, add banners leak tiny purple orchid petals. It will be a really special bouquet. The pure romance of purple is simply wonderful for wedding bouquets at any time of the year.

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Purple Wedding Flowers
Purple Wedding Flowers

Purple Wedding Flowers
Purple Wedding Flowers

Purple Wedding Flowers
Purple Wedding Flowers

Purple Wedding Flowers

Purple Wedding Flowers

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