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Posted by Syaiful Bahri on Friday, September 16, 2011

Unique Orchids IdeaUnique Orchids Idea

We among many types of plants and species of orchids, the "Queen of Orchids" to find what is called. Cattleya and its name is. Another honorary title was won by Cattleya "corsage orchids" is. Fineness and beauty of this most delicate orchid, is to make it an ideal component for elegant floral decorations including flowers and flower arrangements.

Orchids Red DendrobiumOrchids Red Dendrobium

Now, when it comes to our growing orchids at home, cattleya orchids are considered to be a good option. Indeed, despite their delicate side, but if you apply a little care and attention to our garden we grow Cattleya orchids in our room is not too complicated, or. First, we, cattleya orchids should know that the epiphytes. This orchid roots (which is characteristic of terrestrial orchids), it means that you have not grown under the soil, they still show used to cling to the bark of trees, the air thus "breathing" - like us.

Orchids CollectionOrchids Collection

For those who are thinking of growing orchids at home, it is one of the main features of cattleya orchids is to know that it is used to produce their fragrant flowers The interesting part of the news. Another orchid lovers will be interested in is the normal color of the flower of Cattleya. We will find many colors available cattleyas, most commonly, orange and pink, in particular, are white.

Hawaii Orchids ImageHawaii Orchids Image

There are several guidelines that must be followed to have us in good shape cattleya orchids. To list all of them are beyond the scope of this article. Nevertheless, we are a road map for the cultivation of orchids cattleya is some minor variation, you can say that is very similar to those of other orchid species. In this sense, one good tip before watering your cattleya, please make sure that the media is completely dry orchid, is that. It is your cattleya, alternate dry and rainy periods, to help you thrive in an atmosphere similar to that of its natural habitat. Cattleyas usually do not require much watering to: one or, at most, twice a week should be sufficient.

Elegant Orchids PhotosElegant Orchids Photos

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