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Posted by Syaiful Bahri on Friday, September 30, 2011

If the hibiscus flower is mentioned, many visualize the exotic red flower pinned to the hair of women. Hibiscus - One of the most beautiful flower in the world - many colors, shapes and sizes come. Some single flower, or when you have another double, and some not open completely, please. Depends on the small size of 10-12 inches.

Hibiscus Flower GalleryHibiscus Flower Gallery

Hibiscus flowers of each species has its own personality. The combination of colors and is great. Hibiscus, to name a few sun showers, midnight blue, has a romantic name like Moon Mountain and Silver Shadow. Flowers of this dream has become a great demand for ornamental purposes, this demand has developed into big business.

Hibiscus Flower CollectionsHibiscus Flower Collections

Beautiful Hibiscus FlowerBeautiful Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus flowers are not exactly blessed with beauty. They are useful in many ways. In some countries, the hibiscus is "shoe flower" is called. They can be used as a black shoe polish, it probably is. Hibiscus shampoo to prevent dandruff is believed to stimulate hair growth. There are brands of cosmetics that contain hibiscus flower extract. And they not only believed to have antimicrobial properties, aliments proper liver and stomach. Claims, actions, such as diuretics and laxatives flowers, relaxation to the uterus, to control blood pressure, increase circulation and may decrease cholesterol. High vitamin C content of hibiscus flowers can withstand cold and chest congestion.

Beauty Hibiscus FlowerBeauty Hibiscus Flower

Major consumer of this flower is the hibiscus tea. Arabs who invented this tea, it karkady "are called. This wine has become popular among Americans. Your dietary supplements in the form of a capsule containing an extract of hibiscus flower available. In addition, some recipes such as salad table, please use the hibiscus flower. Hibiscus Margarita is considered an exciting cocktail, wine is there as well as hibiscus flowers

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